Prefabricated Structures Dealers In Coimbatore, Tirupur, Salem, Ooty & Erode

Revolutionizing the whole industry for forever, prefabricated buildings are undoubtedly on the rise and it’s not without good reasons! For those who have been living under a rock: prefabricated – or prefab –  construction involves the process of building structures (like home or a building), module wise, individually on a dedicated manufacturing plant, ready to be transported and assembled at a moment’s notice – that too often under a few days or weeks!

Truly, prefabricated structures are the best way to go, especially for us millennials!

BTS Green Building – Here’s Why We Are The Best

Needless to say, prefabrication has, undoubtedly, has become one of the fastest, greenest, and most cost-efficient ways to globally create buildings and homes at the moment – especially more so than their brick-based cousins. And guess what? At BTS green building, we have just brought this revolutionary new tech to Coimbatore. Salem, Erode, Ooty, Palakkad and throughout India – giving you, the customers, the power to better realize your four-walled dreams at half the time, and often, at half the prices!


Wanna know more? Wanna know what’s all the fuss is about? Well then, keep on reading

The Top 4 Advantages Of Prefabricated Structures

Offering a truly hassle-free approach to the entire constructional avenue, there is undoubtedly a lot to love about the prefabricated – or prefab – structures. To that end, let us introduce you to some of the most amazing and major benefits that a customer like you can enjoy with BTS and our top-rated prefabricated solutions.

Well then, let’s get started!

Prefabricated StructuresEco-Friendliness

Well recommended for their energy efficiency, sustainability, and low-carbon footprints, our BTS prefabricated solutions are far more eco-friendly than a pile of cement and bricks (obviously!). Furthermore, since they also come pre-assembled to a good long degree, the end construction too is gonna be a major breeze with minimal hardware requirements – allowing you to better reduce and eliminate material wastefulness and thus costs to a massive degree

Flexibility And Convenience

Custom designed to be disassembled quickly and relocated just as easily, BTS prefab structures can considerably reduce the demand for extra raw materials, minimize the expended energy levels and can also lessen the installation-time needed for it. Furthermore, it’s also highly customizable – allowing you to better realize your dream homes and buildings the way you really wants/saw them.

Consistent Quality Levels

Since BTS prefab structures are manufactured in controlled weather-resistant environments and follow strictly specified industry standards, you can always expect the build quality to be phenomenal at all times. Additionally, with multiple quality checks throughout the entire process, our prefab solutions can definitely last you for years, or even generations to come – and that, my friend, is a promise that we are willing to make

Affordability At Its Best

Even though they are custom made to better suit each and every customer individually, they are far less expensive than their traditional counterparts and that too for all the obvious reasons. Furthermore, prefabs are also comparatively easier to install, saving you a ton of money on many aspects like manpower, constructional finances, and not to mention, installation costs!

Safety And Security

Well improved dramatically over the years in terms of both security and quality materials, whether it’s the safety of the workers or the overall safety of the building itself, you simply cannot do better than our prefab structures – especially when stacked against the more traditional, typical options!

Prefabricated Structures Manufacturers In India

Fully ripe with great potential and loaded with affordability and conveniences and more, prefabricated structures, unfortunately, are still a young,  less explored new concept in India – and guess what? At BTS Green Building, we want to change that!

With our top, reliable services being offered across Coimbatore, Salem, Erode, Ooty, Palakkad and throughout the rest of our great nation, it doesn’t matter whatever, or wherever your needs are, wanted designs are, or budgets be, with BTS green building prefab dealers/suppliers, your dream homes or buildings are just a simple call away!


Prefabricated Building Materials – You Deserve Only The Best!

At BTS Green Building, we care a lot about quality and reliability. And that’s why our products are crafted using only the most supreme grade materials and that too only as per the latest in industry standards – always ensuring quality and reliability at the utmost, possible level.

furthermore, our prefab solutions are custom made by trained, experienced individuals, making sure that features like proper ventilation, spacious interiors, low maintenance levels, and easy installation options are always gonna offered with every single panel that exits our well-checked doors.

Prefabricated Building Suppliers – let’s build, together!

Being one of the very few pioneering prefabricated suppliers in India, especially in Coimbatore, Salem, Erode, Ooty, and Palakkad, at BTS Green building, we believe that quality shouldn’t have to come at the expense of…well, expense! Highly light in weight, but reliable, and easily installable at a moments notice, our prefab solutions are both highly affordable and eco-friendly – offering both rich and poor alike with a great building option that they really can rely on!

Prefabricated Construction Materials – Only The Finest For You!

Whether it be steel, cement, bolts, or plates or even a mold, with raw materials that are imported straight from their manufacturers, our prefab solutions are entirely built “in-house”, using the latest in industry-standards as well as the finest in technologies – making sure that, come rain or shine, our prefabs are always gonna be there for you – no matter what!

Prefabricated Industrial Structures – Let’s Build Your Dreams, Today!

Pre-cured, interlockable and requiring a lot less in terms of both manpower and installation costs on the ground, with BTS prefabricated structures, building yourself a new home is now far easier than ever before – taking only a tiny fraction of the time when compared with traditional building methods

Furthermore, since all the components are manufactured offsite and comes ready to be assembled, you’ll be spared from something that otherwise could’ve been a massive logistical nightmare, meaning that you needn’t have to deal with annoying contractors, unruly workers, bad weather, or even unexpected costs or any other bothers any more – simply awesome, isn’t it?

Cost Of Prefabricated Structures – Don’t Break Your Bank. Ever!

Despite their custom made statuses, one of the greatest perks about prefabricated structures is that they are far less expensive than their traditional alternatives – all thanks to their modular nature and the general affordability that comes with it.

furthermore, since our BTS panels also tend to come ready to be assembled, you can further save a ton of money in the long run – through of reduced installation charges, low material wastages, less expended energy and lesser constructional durations, and many, many more

Wholesale Steel Buildings – Bigger Is Always Better!

Highly durable, flexible, cost-efficient and low in maintenance, prefabricated steel buildings are perfect for any contractor or builder looking for better, more cost-efficient constructional solutions. They are highly customizable, needs next to no care and can be molded to better befit and suit any desired look or functional use.

Needless to say, If you’re interested, you’d be glad to know that we, BTS also deals in these marvelous steely behemoths, offering the best, top-rated steel prefab buildings at very cheap, wallet-friendly pricings – perfect for any businesses or companies to better take their constructional games to the next, great level!

The Best, Most Trusted Prefabricated Dealers In India – What’s The Takeaway?

A long-standing dealer/supplier/player in the building industry since the last 15 years, we, at BTS Green Building, pride ourselves often on being the pioneer in bringing many new, trendsetting features to the Indian building arena – and guess what? With our brand new prefabricated structuring solutions, we have just done it again!

Massively reducing constructional durations but not at the cost of quality, reliability, and affordability, with our custom made, top-rated BTS Prefabs, building your own dream home is now far more convenient and easier than ever before. Furthermore, we also do offer a nice and wide range of exciting steel building models that are perfect for every sort of needs and businesses

They are cheap, easy to install, quick to maintain, and are available for every kind of budgets out there.

So what are you waiting for? Just go and give us a call today!

We are BTS – the finest, best-trusted prefabricated dealers/suppliers in Coimbatore!

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