Construction Chemicals Water Proofing

Construction Chemicals Water Proofing

Construction Chemicals Water Proofing Increase in demand, the complexity of structures,  environmental conditions and requirement of special structure, construction chemicals play a vital role.

Construction Chemicals Water Proofing cater to the following segments:-

1) waterproofing materials – This particular segment contributes about 18%of the total Construction Chemical business and find a wide range of application.

2) Concrete Aids – Concrete aids as the name suggest are mixed in concrete for a variety of application.Shuttering releasing agent that prevent bondage of concrete with sheets and curing compounds that helps in setting time of concrete come under this segment.

3) Grouts& Grouting Compounds – This segment caters to high strength cement based and epoxy based grout.These compounds are used in sealing the joints and preventing the leaks particularly in moisture-prone areas that are exposed to liquids.

4) Floor hardener and Coatings –Metallic and non-metallic and liquid floor hardeners and floor coatings of epoxy/PU form the major category and are used largely in industries.

5) Anti-corrosive / protective coatings –Different types of corrosion inhibitors and protective coatings system are available. Based on the environmental conditions there is wide range of coatings and coating techniques available.There include physical coatings to surface treatments too.Cost factor and application methods are different.

Owing to the tropical climate in India, there is a huge demand potential for such chemicals.Corrosion prevention and control is the driving force behind the use of construction chemicals. Using superior quality construction materials in building structures reduces cost apart from bringing down rectification and repair cost.

The lack of awareness among end-users poses the biggest challenge.

Construction chemicals bring down the cost of infrastructure in the long term, builders perceive using of quality construction chemicals as a costly affair. Very few people in the construction industry are aware of the products and their usage.Lack of skilled labor for the construction chemicals industry processes the biggest challenge.

. Construction chemicals improve the productivity of the construction sector apart from reducing cost. If used in the right manner, these increase the longevity of the structures thus increases safety.

The growth of real estate and infrastructure are at the core of nation-building.Construction chemicals play a critical role in the same.