Acoustic Thermal Insulation in Coimbatore, Tirupur, Salem, Ooty & Erode

Acoustic Thermal InsulationAcoustic Thermal Insulation can be defined as the material or a combination of materials that retard the transfer of heat. Heat may be transmitted between materials by the process of convection, conduction or radiation. Insulators reduce the flow of heat. Similarly, acoustic insulation is the ability to build elements or structures to reduce sound transmission.

Thermal Insulation, in principle, is the resistance to reduce the heat transfer in a considerable amount.

This reduction in sound (Acoustic ) and heat (Thermal ) is achieved by use of materials called insulators.These materials have properties that reduce the transmission of sound/heat and thus insulate the surface.

Materials used for Acoustic Thermal Insulation

Glasswool ,Stonewool , Phenolic Foam , Cellular Glass .

These materials are artificially prepared and hence can be designed based on the requirements .

Technical requirements

  •  Thermal Conductivitythermal insulation
  •  Water Vapour Diffusion Resistance
  •  Fire safety
  •  Corrosion Resistance
  •  Temperature variation factors
  •  Cell Structure Technical Requirements
  •  Acoustic Performance
  •  Weathering Resistance
  •  Dimensional Stability
  •  Easy Application
  •  Cost Criterion

Based on the requirements , wide range of our product cater to clients need .

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