Light Gauge Steel Frame Dealers in Coimbatore, Tirupur, Salem, Ooty & Erode

As humans, we have always have looked for the next big thing to put a roof over heads – that’s just the way we roll! Once it was wood, then came the bricks, and now, ladies and gentlemen, the dawn of the Light Gauge Steel frame is finally upon us – and, oh boy, it’s more glorious than ever before!

Wanna know more? Wanna know what’s all the hype is about? Well then, keep on reading.

Light gauge steel framing manufacturers – the future is here!

Light Gauge Steel Frame Buildings Dealers Coimbatore

Needless to say, It doesn’t really matter whether it’s building a skyscraper, a cabin in the woods, an apartment, a hospital, or even a grand old community school to boot, light gauge steel frame solutions have redefined the way we do constructions – and certainly have redefined it for the more better.

Light gauge steel framing – let’s break it down (PS. It’s hard)!

Highly flexible, strong and very light on the environment (and on the wallet too!), there is undoubtedly a lot to love about this brand new technological marvel. So, join us as we break down some of the major benefits, perks, and secrets of what our BTS Light Gauge Steel framing solution is bringing to the table.

So then, what are we waiting for? let’s get started!

Light Gauge Steel Construction – How it’s Made? And How It’s installed?

Manufactured using a unique method called cold-forming – which involves cutting and shaping steel at room temperatures – Our BTS light Gauge Steel Framing panels comes with a galvanized coating of Zinc and Aluminium that protects the core from perils such as weather, oxidization, scratches and more.

furthermore, they’re also highly customizable, meaning that everything from its width, height and even to the level of thickness, everything can be adjusted at will to better suit the many and varied conditions that they’re gonna be employed in – giving you, the users, the utmost freedom and convenience to better realize all your constructional dreams, the way you saw them.

Light Gauge Steel Framing structures – let’s get it installed!

Designed with a unique “pre-punching” system that tremendously minimizes the drilling time and enhances the speed of construction, our BTS Light Gauge Steel frames are super easy to install than any of our competitors – all thanks to the many levels of precision and care that we’ve poured happily into them.

Furthermore, since they’re very hollowed out to maximize integrity, light weightiness and strength, they’re also excellent candidates for insulating and pre-establishing the routes for plumbing, electrical wires and other such “under the wall” components – ensuring a truly hassle-free constructional experience all around!

Light Gauge Steel Framing Suppliers – You Deserve Only the Best!

A familiar sight to those who live in Coimbatore, Salem, Erode, Tirupur, and Palakkad, at BTS, we sincerely care a lot about quality, reliability, and conveniences more above anything else. To that end, we manufacture our products with the highest quality raw materials, by experienced workers, and with multiple quality checks along the way, ensuring that you, the user, will always get the “best of the best” out of everything – just like it always should be.

Truly, with BTS Light Gauge Steel framing Panels, you simply cannot go wrong, ever!

Light Gauge Steel Framing Details – The Benefits are Aplenty!

Quality and reliability

Steel itself is inherently very strong, and with our dedicated “cold Pressing” system on board, our BTS Light Gauge frames are ultra durable and can easily last you for generations – or even centuries – to come!

Ease of construction

Highly customizable and designed better to ease your constructional efforts, our BTS light Gauge Steel Frames are highly mouldable, ensuring that whatever your needs and wants are, you’re sure to find your perfect pick with us!

Weather and time resistant

Unlike wood or iron that perishes over time, our BTS light gauge steel frames are specially designed to withstand anything and everything that the world can throw at it – whether its rain, snow, wind or even fire!

Infinitely customizable

Fully customizable from its height to width to its colors and shape, you can find our BTS Light Gauge steel frames to be able to fulfill all your constructional needs – no matter how quirky, odd or weird it is!

Environmental friendly

With steel itself being highly recyclable, and thanks to our precision engineering that effectively minimizes wastage, our BTS Light Gauge Steel frames are one of the most highly Eco-friendly walling solutions that you can currently find out there – quite undoubtedly!

Light Gauge Steel Suppliers – what’s the takeaway?

The first human settlements date back to over 10000 years ago to a time when caves, woods, and bricks have had ruled the roost. Obviously, we’ve come a long way since then, and the constructional materials too have changed heavily over the years – thus leading us now into the era of Light Gauge Steel frames.

Designed to help you realize even the most ambitious and wildest of constructional dreams, at BTS We offer these amazing new light gauge steel frames at very, very affordable prices. Superiorly strong and insanely flexible, they’re also highly eco-friendly and ergonomic, ensuring a smooth and fast process overall – making them a true-blue no-brainer to choose!

So, what are you waiting for then? Go out there, pick up your phone and give us a call today!

We are BTS – the best light gauge steel frame dealers/suppliers in Coimbatore, Salem, Tirupur, Erode and Palakkad.

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