Pre Fabricated Structures Dealers Coimbatore, India

Pre Fabricated Structures refers to the prow here are in a structure as per specified design is assembled at assembly center and transported to the destination and reassembled as per the conceived design.

The prefabricated structure has a wide range of application owing to their advantage and economy in cost apart from attaining design consistency.

The major advantage of Pre Fabricated structures include the following

  1. Time Economy: Prefabrication, as the name suggests, is fabricated in advance and hence can be installed simultaneously.This ensures economy of time apart from ensuring simultaneous completion.
  2. Cost Advantage: It is a general concept that as the number of impressions increases cost factor decreases. So in mass production involving a number of pieces, the cost factor decreases.
  3. Quality consistency: Homogeneity can be attained for a number of pieces and hence consistency can be derived.
  4. Facility management: For specific requirements, there could be tools and devices that ensure quality. These facilities could be used easily in the fabrication center as against the site.
  5. Modifications: Modifications, if required, could be easily attained. Moreover alterations to design at production center is much economical as against site conditions.
  6. Integration: While designing the structure there could be various organizations involved in the assembly line .So each assembly would have its specialization and there could a location to integrate these individual sections.
  7. Ease of Transportation: Huge massive assembly are designed to be dismantled to parts for ease of transportation.Based on the type of component various modes of transport that include air, water and roadways are employed .special care is taken to ensure the components are packed and protected against damages.Prefabricated structures are quite popular in locations wherein the structure may be dismantled or reassembled.
  8. Selection of material: Material selection plays a critical role in prefabricated assembly .Based on the application and nature of requirement wide range of materials are available.Choice of material based on the requirement plays a critical role.

Thus prefabricated structures are quite popular as they optimize several factors including time, resource, and repeatability.They also ensure dismantle advantage which ensures the material can be reused which is a major factor in cost control.