Everest Solid Wall Panels – The Future of Construction, Today!

In today’s fast-paced world, time is always off the essence – and that my friend, goes the same for the construction industry too! Designed to revolutionize the way the modern buildings are constructed, our path-breaking Everest Solid Wall panels are perfect for realizing you’re every constructional dream, however crazy & outrageous it may be – and that too in record time (up to 4X faster!)

Hi there, we are BTS –“the best Everest panel dealers/suppliers in Coimbatore, Tirupur, Salem, Ooty and Erode”, and you know what? Better crafted to be solid yet lightweight, easy to use and yet immensely customizable, it’s high time for us Indians too to get a better taste of what these BTS Everest panels have to offer – and mind you, they do have a lot to offer!

Everest Solid Wall Panels – Wanna know more about them? How they’re made? Their many, many perks and benefits? Well then, keep on reading to know more!

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Everest Solid Wal Panels Dealers – What Is It, & How They’re Made?

Thanks to their very unique composition, construction, and the many, many perks that come along with it, our BTS Everest Solid Wall panels are incredibly thin, yet they’re lighter and are better stronger – proving well as a modern-day, alternative to the more typical(and a whole lot annoying) brick and mortar solutions – that too affordably!

With a focus on quality and reliability, our BTS Everest panels are responsibly crafted using highly Eco-friendly & sustainable materials, featuring a very innovative sandwich-like system in which two different Everest boards are joined together, bonded with an aerated mix of fiber-infused cement – ensuring a truly awesome material that’s perfectly ready to be installed and enjoyed anywhere, and at any time.

Everest Solid Wall Panels Price – Affordability Never Looked This Good!

Here at BTS, we believe that quality should never come at the cost of … well, cost! Designed and manufactured to better alleviate the burden on both your wallets and shoulders, Our BTS Everest panels are priced very affordable to better suit any and all budgets. Furthermore, since they’re also easier to install and maintain, you can also save a ton of money in the long run – thanks to them offering minimal wastage, requiring lesser labor efforts, and also being very quick to install.

Needless to say, priced very competitively, especially when compared with our competitors, it doesn’t matter whatever your budgets be or whatever it is that you’re trying to build, with BTS you can always find a brilliantly affordable BTS Everest solution whenever or wherever you are – and that, my friend, is a BTS promise!

Everest Readymade Walls – Building a Home has Never Been This Easier

Evert solid wall panelsHave you ever wished if you could build a build a home in a matter of days, a building in a week, or even a full-on mall itself in a few simple months? Seems too good to be true, isn’t it? But, Wait! With BTS Everest Readymade walls, it’s not only possible TODAY itself but is also very affordable too!

Designed and manufactured indigenously, the BTS Everest panels are super strong, resistant to anything that the world can throw at it and are also highly affordable too.  Furthermore, they feature a unique “tongue and groove” system that can help speed up their installation process, even with pre-fabs from other, different brands. And if that’s not enough, they can also be super easy to maintain – often requiring only a third of an effort needed to better tackle their “bricky” cousins!

And hey, the time of brick and mortar houses are finally over. Quite frankly, they’re very old news – the westerners have realized this. And it’s high time that we Indians too get in on this new age fun!

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Everest Wall Panel – Let’s Talk Benefits & Perks

A true masterstroke of modern-day constructional evolution, BTS Everest panels have redefined the way we do constructions –  And to that end, here’s a quick, short list of some of the major benefits and perks that you can look forward to better enjoying with them.

Well then, here you go…

Thinner, lighter, stronger – designed to be better, stronger and flexible, our BTS Everest panels are way easier to transport, install and maintain than any other constructional solutions.

Highly Eco-friendly – highly sustainable and eco-friendly raw materials, the BTS Everest panels are perfect for those who wanna do their fair bit for the environment.

Convenient installation capabilities –  featuring a truly one of a kind “tongue and groove” interlocking system, our BTS Everest panels can always be installed whenever or wherever you want them!

Installation Made Easy – designed to better suit any and all fabricated structures, our BTS Everest panels are better installable whenever or wherever you want – that too at a moment’s notice!

Better strength, stability, and safety – designed to handle anything that the world can throw at it, our BTS Everest Panels can definitely last you for many, many more years to come!

Easy on the wallet –priced very competitively and perfect for those who are on a budget, building your dream home with BTS Everest panels is now far more affordable and easier than ever before!

Everest Prefabricated buildings – The World Will Never Be the Same Again!

Often called the “holy grail of modern construction, Pre-cured, inter-lockable and needing a lot less in terms of both manpower and installation costs to beat, with BTS Everest Solid Wall structures, building yourself a new home is now far easier than ever before – taking only a tiny fraction of the time, effort & cost when compared with traditional building methods!

Furthermore, since all the parts are manufactured offsite and comes pre-ready to be assembled, you’ll well be spared from something that otherwise could’ve been a big, annoying logistical nightmare! Needless to say, there is a lot to love about BTS Everest panels – and if you haven’t yet checked them out yet, I’d suggest you do the same ASAP!

Everest Solid Wall System – Let’s Conclude!

Fuelled by our passion to better reduce your constructional worries, but never at the cost of quality, reliability or affordability, at BTS Green Building, we, have always prided ourselves on bringing many, many new path-breaking technologies to the Indian crowds – and with our brand new Everest Solid wall solutions, we have just made history again!

Extremely Eco-friendly, affordable, customizable and immensely easy to maintain and deal with, with our BTS Everest Solid wall panels, realizing your new dream home is now far faster, easier (and pocket-friendlier) than ever before! Furthermore, we also do offer a wide range of other exciting constructional materials for you to better choose from – They are cheap, easy to install, quick to maintain, and are available for every sort of budgets, needs and wants out there.

And hey, if you still aren’t convinced about our brilliant BTS Everest Solid wall panels, feel free to give us a call today – our trained experts can definitely help you out with it!