Aerocon Panels Dealers In Coimbatore, Tirupur, Salem, Ooty & Erode

Rome wasn’t built in a day, sure. But if only they had our Aerocon Panels, they definitely could’ve done so! – Have you ever wondered how malls, theatres, and other such huge structures are being built at blazing speeds? Or, how they seem to quickly pop up around you? Well, my friend, you have the Aerocons panels to better thank for that! Designed to be lightweight, easy to install and highly customizable they are highly popular in the western nations – and guess what? it’s finally time for us Indians to get the taste of their benefits too! Confused in finding the right Aerocon panels dealer? read further.

BTS Green Building – The Best Aerocon Panels Dealers In Coimbatore

Hello there, we are BTS – “the best Aerocon dealers/suppliers in Coimbatore, Tirupur, Salem, Ooty Erode”, and we are here to talk about our brand new, revolutionary product to ever hit the Indian market today “the Aerocon prefab panels – the perfect solution for all your constructional needs!”

Well then, let’s get started!

Aerocone Panels Dealers in Coimbatore – How They’re Made?

Designed to work as a modern-day alternative to the more traditional (and more cumbersome) brick and mortar walls, our BTS Aerocon panels are thinner, lighter and are sturdier than their age-old cousins – wanna know why?

You see, We BTS Aerocon panels dealers, built our panels using a very unique sandwich-inspired system in which two separate fiber-infused cement sheets are filled with an aerated mix of Portland cement and fly ash till they become well-bonded and cured in to a single, more stronger unit- one that’s perfectly ready to be installed and used at a moment’s notice!


Aerocon Wall Panels Suppliers in Coimbatore – let’s talk benefits!

So since you now know the brilliant secret behind how our BTS Aerocon panels are made, here are some of the most, major benefits and perks that they typically bring to the table

aerocon panels dealers CoimbatoreThinner, lighter, stronger

Like what we had said earlier, thanks to their very unique construction, Aerocon panels are considerably stronger but are not thicker nor heavier than their brick based counterparts, meaning that you can easily transport, install and maintain them without any major hassles or annoyances.

Breezy installation capabilities

Pre-cured from the factory itself and custom designed to better suit any and all fabricated structures, even those from other brands, our BTS Aerocon panels can always be installed rather quickly (whenever or wherever) without too much hassle, thanks to their very unique “tongue and groove” interlocking designs

Eco-friendly and sustainable

Having been made from highly sustainable, recyclable materials like fly ash, natural cements and more, and as they can also serve as a great alternative for wooden made panels, our BTS Aerocon panels they are highly more eco-friendly than their age-old, traditional cousins – even more so, when you also consider their lesser, much softer environmental impacts.

Fire, water and weather resistant

One of the greatest perks about our brilliant BTS Aerocon panels is that they are inherently resistant to water, termites, heat, and weather. And if that’s not enough, they also have great insulation properties against both sound and vibrations – making them perfect for building things like homes, studios, and theatres.

Superior strength and safety

Unlike those brick made walls that are just waiting to be toppled over, Our Aerocone panels are designed, from the ground up, to be super strong, sturdy and fairly flexible – ensuring that it can withstand whatever the world’s gonna throw at it, be it an earthquake or even a tsunami!

Aerocon Panels Dealers in Tirupur – The Next, Big Thing!

Even though they long have become the typical western constructional norms, and while it’s true that they also have a lot of great potential for us Indians, especially in terms of both affordability and conveniences, Aerocon panels, unfortunately (and sadly), are still an unexplored option in these particular neck of the world – and guess what? At BTS, we are looking to break this status quo down!

Needless to say, with a slew of dedicated manufacturing plants, and with our services being rendered across Coimbatore, Salem, Erode, Ooty and, Palakkad, it doesn’t really matter whatever it is that you’re trying to build, your needed designs are, or even what your budgets be, with our BTS Aerocon Panels, your dream homes/buildings are just around the corner!

Aerocon Panels Dealers in Salem – Here’s why we are the best!

Specially imported from well trusted and qualified manufacturers from across the globe, our Aerocon panels are made with high-grade raw materials following only the latest and the greatest in industry rules and standards – such, my friends, is the amount of care that we pour into creating the products that exit our doors!

Furthermore, with an aim to better offer quality and reliability at the utmost, possible level, our Aerocone Panels are custom made by hand and automated machines at every single step. Furthermore, to better make sure that QOL features like proper ventilation, low maintenance levels, and easy installation options are being met properly, we also have one of the best quality check systems in the business – better ensuring that no bad apples are ever gonna exit our doors, ever!

Aerocon Panels Dealers in Ooty – Perfect for Everyone!

At BTS Green Building, we believe that costs should never be a hurdle to your dreams. And that’s why our Aerocon solutions, despite their custom nature, are being widely heralded to be some of the most approachable and wallet-friendly building solutions currently out there!

To that end, we currently offer our affordable services across a range of cities Coimbatore, Salem, Erode, Ooty, and Palakkad and more, better ensuring that wherever you’re gonna be in India, you’ll surely be able to enjoy the maximum of what we have to offer – or in this case, our Spectacular Aerocon panel solutions!

Aerocon Panels Dealers in Erode – you deserve only the best!

Designed to be interlockable, pre-cured and usable out-of-the-box itself, putting out Aerocon panels to good use and building yourself a brand new home is now far more easier than ever before – all thanks to the much-reduced manpower and costs that it typically comes with.

Furthermore, our Aerocon solutions are purely constructed by ourselves, sourcing the needed raw materials straight from the manufacturers, and using only the most latest in industry-standards as well as the literal best in technologies – to put it bluntly, you possibly cannot ever do better than our amazing Aerocon paneling solutions

Aerocon panels Coimbatore – choices will forever matter!

Highly durable, multi-resistant, cost-efficient and dirt-low in maintenance costs, our BTS Aerocon panels are perfect for literally anyone, whether he’s a contractor or an average user, looking for the most amazing, brilliant and cost-efficient wall paneling solutions currently out there.

And, continuing on that particular trend, at BTS, we also do offer a slew of exciting alternatives/ variants of our brilliant Aerocon solutions at various, very affordable, and engaging pricings – perfect for those who love a bit of more choices and excitements in their lives!


Are you interested knowing more? Well, keep on reading then!

Aerocon Panel Price/Cost – There’s Always Something for Everyone!

At BTS, you can find our products to be priced rather aggressively, even more so when compared with our nearest competitors – and guess what? It also extends to our Aerocon paneling solutions too! Designed to appeal to a wide range of customers and their specific material and budget needs, it doesn’t really matter whatever the kind of sizes you need, or the specifications that you’re looking for, you, my friend, can definitely find it on our excellently packed catalogs – and, my friend, is a promise that we are always willing to keep!

Aerocon panels Sizes and specifications – let’s find the “one” for you!

We humans are one of a kind, and (quite obviously!) our needs and wants too will differ massively from one another – here at BTS Green Building, we understand this. And that’s why we are offering our Aerocon paneling solutions at a more wider ranges of varied sizes and thicknesses than ever before – from 600*2400, 600*2700, 600*3000 and many, many more –  as well as under a ton of different specifications like matte, smooth, textured, patterned and with plenty more along the lines.

To better prove our point, let us introduce you to two of the most bestselling Aerocon variants that we have currently in the offing beware, you’re sure to love them!

Well then, here they are…

Aerocon Partition Panels – for all the cubicle lovers!

Specially designed to better suit the need for creating cubicles, closed spaces and freestanding walls and more, let’s take your old businesses to the next level with our top-selling” BTS Aerocon panels!

Aerocon Insta Wall panels – lets style the way you want!

Looking to give your old home a brand new look? Wanna make your room more sound resistant? Well then, our BTS Aerocon Insta Wall panels are the perfect ones for you!

The Best Aerocon panels Dealers In India – The Conclusion

Well renowned across the globe and a major player in the constructional industry since the last 15 years at BTS Green Building, we have always taken immense pride in in bringing many new, field-defining features to the Indian constructional landscape – and quite needless to say, With our ultra new Aerocon paneling solutions, we again have made a brilliant history!

considerably reducing constructional duration but never at the cost of quality, reliability nor affordability, with our top-rated, high-quality BTS most-trusted Aerocon panels dealers/suppliers in Coimbatore, realizing your building dreams are now far easier, and faster, than ever before.

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