Epoxy Flooring Dealers in Coimbatore, Tirupur, Salem, Ooty & Erode

Have you ever gone in to place where the floor is like a mirror reflecting your face right back at you? I have. Moreover, like me, you probably would have wondered what makes this fascinating thing happen. Is it witchcraft? Magic? On the other hand, is it something else entirely? Nope. It is all because of us. BTS green building. The best Epoxy Flooring Dealers Coimbatore, Palakkad, and Ernakulam. Our range of epoxy flooring solutions is all that you need to make your floors look like something that is came right out of a fairy tale.


What is epoxy flooring?

Epoxy flooring. This is a rather new idea that has caught the worlds fancy from the moment of its inception. The Epoxy flooring process helps you to render your boring old floor into something that is much sleeker, sexier and much more durable than they had ever been before it. For people who do not know what epoxy flooring is, here is a quick tour. The process of epoxy flooring involves the use of a resin and hardener combo that is when mixed together will chemically react to form a rigid plastic material that is strong and resistant to pretty much anything.

The coating anyway bonds extremely well to the floor underneath and starts protecting it from anything that can harm it like scratches, cracks and natural wear and tear.

What Does Epoxy flooring mean to your floor?

The Epoxy floor coating renders the concrete into something that is exceptionally strong and durable. This new age vesting system for floors reduce any oncoming damages to it while giving out a sleek sophisticated premium look, unlike anything.The simple act of using our Epoxy flooringrange can help you protect your floors underlying concrete from moisture, stains, grease, cracks, and anything that can possibly damage it. Spilled coffee?no problem. Drop your vat of acid? No problem either. You can readily rely on our Epoxy flooring solutions to get you out of annoying situations like that and more.

The epoxy treated floor looks like a wonderfully polished glass sheet albeit the slipperiness that glasses tend to come with. Aside from its glossy looks and premium feel which we think are quite awesome. We also offer textured epoxy solutions for places that need a little bit more grip like manufacturing plants and stadiums. If you want to protect your floors from natural wear and then Epoxy coat it. The coating can prevent the floor from chipping, shattering, staining and scratching. All in all, if there is one way to protect your floors from the tests of time Then Epoxy Flooring is the right way to go

Why we are the best in Epoxy Flooring Dealers Coimbatore

We, at BTS, offer Epoxy flooring solutions for pretty much every kind of floors and surfaces that you can think of. From waterproofing, concrete aiding, floor hardening and cement grouting. There isn’t any field related to flooring that we haven’t touched upon. Here are some benefits that you will get if you opted for our excellent Epoxy flooring solutions

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